About Patrick McGill Travel

Established in 2018, developed over 40 years

My career as a travel agent began development in 1979, when I was a young Army officer assigned to a 3-year tour in Germany. Since then I have worked for several international companies, and and at one point I was spending one week out of every month in Germany. In my career and on vacations, I have traveled to 14 different countries. 

With all of this experience, I was fortunate to be exposed to different ways of life, art, architecture and history. In my travels throughout Europe, it has been amazing to me to see how these different cultures have developed, and to see how the interaction of people and their environment has given rise to their cultures, ways of life, expression in art, and their customs. 

Converting experience to practice

These opportunities have also enabled me to begin the process of learning the best ways to travel throughout Europe.

In addition to this practical experience, I am a strong believer in continuous professional development. I have achieved certification and accreditation with The Travel Institute as a Certified Travel Associate (CTA), and have completed training programs with several companies such as the Globus Family of Brands and AmaWaterways. This continuous training and development is essential in order for me to provide you with the best experience possible.

Travel your way, with your interests

The travel opportunities in Europe and the United Kingdom are endless and we can arrange any and all of this for you:

  • See the stunning art and architecture of Italy and France.
  • See the sights of Paris, the history of Normandy and enjoy the food and wine of the Bordeaux region.
  • See the history of England in London and throughout the English countryside.
  • Take in the splendor of the Swiss Alps on a panoramic train trip.
  • Experience the ruggedness of Ireland and Scotland.
  • Be a part of the events and celebrations taking place, whether it is a Formula 1 race, the Military Tattoo in Edinburgh,  Oktoberfest in Munich a symphony concert in Vienna, or the Christmas Market in Nuremburg. 
  • What about Fly Fishing in Scotland or France, or a ski trip to Switzerland? We can create this for you as well.

I am looking forward to helping you create the most memorable trip possible.

Patrick McGill

My Mission

To cover every detail and create the vacation of your dreams

My Vision

Travelers returning home with a smile on their face and ready to go back again.

My values

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