Popular Globus Tours – Part 2

Previously, I listed 5 of the top 10 European tours for Globus. In this post, I will cover the remaining 5 of the top 10 Globus European Tours. Although the Globus family also includes COSMOS, Avalon River Cruises and Monograms (now Globus Independence), this post will only focus on Globus Tours themselves. Also like the Trafalgar review, I represent Globus, but I am not compensated by Globus for this post. 

So here are the top 5 most popular Globus European tours:

The Best of Italy

11 Days 

12 Stops

6 Overnight Accommodations

Base $3,520 per person, land only.

This tour begins and ends in Rome, stating with 2 nights in Rome, with a visit to the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Square. From there it moves to Montecatini with a stop in Orvieto for lunch and sightseeing on your own. 

While in Montecatini, the tour will make a day trip to Florence to visit the Accedemia and the Florence Cathedral. After spending a second night in Montecatini, the tour moves on to Venice with a stop in Pisa. The tour will then spend 2 nights in Venice. After Venice, the tour moves south, with a 1 night stay in Assisi to the Isle of Capri for a 2-night stay, with visits to Pompeii, Naples, and Sorrento.  Afterwards, the tour returns to Rome for departure back to the US.

This tour hits all of the most popular destinations in Italy.

Italian Mosaic

13 Days

14 Stops

6 Overnight Accommodations

Base $3,950 per person, land only.

This tour is similar to the Best of Italy tour, but has some features that, in my opinion, make it a better experience. While this tour does not include Montecatini, it does include 2 nights in Florence. a visit to Cinque Terre, and the Lake Region with two nights at Lake Maggiore and a stop in the Swiss town of Lugano.

Introduction to Ireland

7 Days

15 Stops

5 Overnight Accommodations

Base $1,759 per person, land only

Moving north. Globus has two popular tours in Ireland in the UK. The first is the Introduction to Ireland, that, like most tours in Ireland do, follows along the coastline to visit Dublin, the Cliffs of Moher, the Ring of Kerry, and Blarney Castle, 

But this one is a bit different in that it goes inland to visit Cashel, where St. Patrick preached, and Rathbaun Farm, where you can learn a little bit about Irish Baking and Sheepherding.

Essential Britain nd Ireland

10 Days

16 Stops

7 Overnight Accommodations

Base $2,750 per person, land only.

This tour covers a lot of ground in 10 days, visiting England, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The tour begins and ends in London. Visits in England include York, Stonehenge, Bath, and Stratford on Avon. In Wales, the tour visits Cardiff, Newport and Pembroke.  Stops in Ireland include Waterford, Kilkenny and Dublin, before moving on to Belfast. In Scotland, the tour visits Edinburgh and Northumberland. There is an option on this tour to add three nights with a stay in Paris. 

The Best of Spain

9 Days

7 Stops

5 Overnight Accommodations

Base $2,300 per person

This tour starts in Madrid, and then goes south to Seville, where it then follows along the Mediterranean coast, stopping in Granada and Valencia before ending in Barcelona. 



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