Popular Trafalgar Tours – Part 2

Last month, I covered five of the top ten most popular Trafalgar Tours. In this post, I will cover the next 5.

As before, in the interest of full disclosure, Trafalgar and other brands of TTC are brands that I present to clients for their travel plans. I have received no compensation for the content of this post. I also represent other suppliers of tours of these types, and this presentation is not intended to be a representation that I promote Trafalgar or TTC over other suppliers of these tours. Also, the prices shown here are base prices, land only, as of June 2022. These prices can and will change in the future. All tours have optional excursions at an additional price.

So, now to five of the top 10 most popular tours offered by Trafalgar. 

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Real Britain

9 Days

7 Cities

Base Price Starting at $1,850. Land Only

Beginning and ending in London, this tour covers England, Wales and Scotland, with stops in Cardiff, Liverpool, Edinburgh and York. Along the way, stop at the ancient druid site at Stonehenge, the Roman Baths in the city of Bath, and the northern border of the Roman Empire at Hadrian’s Wall. 


Amazing Britain

10 Days

13 Cities

Base price starting at $2,336 per person, Land only.

This tour is very similar to the Real Britain tour, but adds an additional day, and includes Bristol, Glasgow, the Scottish Highlands, and St. Andrews. However, Wales is not included in this tour.

European Whirl

14 Days

15 Cities in 9 Countries

Base Price $4,055, Land Only

This tour has several variations, with some tours beginning in London and stopping in Paris, while others return to London. This tour is definitely for those who want a broad view of Europe. I would recommend this tour for those visiting Europe for the first time, with the expectation of planning later trips to visit their favorite places. 

Best of Portugal

11 Days

12 – 17 Cities, depending on departure date

Base Price $2,025, Land Only, depending on departure date

The itinerary shown here is the Winter 2022-2023 tour. The tour begins and ends in Lisbon, traveling to both the extreme northern and southern regions of the country, and from the western coast to the border of Spain. Stops along the way include the vineyards of Portugal, strongholds of the famous Knights Templars,  and the town of Fatima, where three young children saw visions of Virgin Mary.


Best of Ireland and Scotland

15 Days

13 Cities

Base Price $4,185, Land Only

This tour starts in Dublin, traveling through Ireland and Northern Ireland, before crossing into Scotland and ending in Edinburgh. Along the way, stop at the Blarney Castle, the Giant’s Causeway, the Scottish Highlands and Glencoe and Stirling Castle.




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