What is your favorite European Destination?

Alnwick Castle, a castle and stately home in Alnwick in the English county of Northumberland.

Travel gives you the opportunity to see the world, to get to know the world, and possibly to better understand the world. By understanding the world, we understand ourselves better, and our connection to the rest of the world.

The United Kingdom

Visiting England and Scotland is an excellent place to start visiting Europe. It offers all of the history, art, and architecture of Europe, but they speak English! You have everything from the city atmosphere of London to the quiet ruggedness of the Scottish Highlands. 


If you think you have seen every shade of green there is, wait until you get to Ireland. 

More Americans claim Irish ancestry than the population of Ireland itself. A visit to Ireland is a visit to historic castles, quiet fishing villages, ancient fables, and rugged coastlines. 


To try to classify France in a single category is impossible. Its history is extensive, from the cave paintings in Lascaux, to the beaches of Normandy. Its wine country is just as extensive, from the Champagne region to Bordeaux. Its art is incomparable with some of the most famous artists of history. 

Spain and Portugal

From Barcelona to Madrid to Lisbon, Spain and Portugal are a land of music, wine, art, religion and history. It’s a place where people take a Siesta in the middle of the day, and dinner doesn’t start until 8:00 PM. 


King Ludwig’s castles, the Rhine River, and medieval towns like Rothenburg give you a chance to step back in time. And then there are the festivals: Oktoberfest and the Christkindlemarkts to start with. 

And don’t forget Germany’s automotive history, with Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen.


The Alps are a huge part of any visit to Switzerland, no matter what time of the year. With influences from Germany, France, and Italy, Switzerland is truly four lands in one. And traveling through Switzerland embodies Swiss precision, with all public transportation including trains, buses and boats, fully synchronized.


Vienna, Salzburg and the Danube are immediately associated with music, but there is more to this country. It is a wine producing country, and is famous for its food, including Sachertorte and Schnitzel.


The cradle of religion and renaissance art are right here in Italy. But there are also picturesque seaside towns from Cinque Terre to Positano, excellent Italian wines, the quiet towns of Tuscany, and the elegance of Lake Como. 

And this is another automotive powerhouse, with Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, and Bugatti. 

The Benelux Countries

Flowers, windmills, beer and art are just some of the specialties of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Visit quirky Amsterdam, or stand on the edge of the North Sea in Nordwijk. 


Fjords and Northern Lights are just part of the draw to the Scandinavian countries. There is also the Swedish Midsommar celebration and the Christmas St. Lucia traditions. 



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