What to See in Greece

Introduction to Greece

Located in the eastern area of the Mediterranean Sea, Greece is not only an excellent place to visit but a great place to visit other popular locations, including Italy and Turkey. 

Greece consists of three parts: The Mainland, where Athens is located, the Peloponnese Peninsula, and the islands. There are eight island groups made up of over 6,000 islands. Only 227 of these islands are inhabited. Greece has less than 2% of the land mass of the United States, but the total area of Greece including the Aegean Sea and the Sea of Crete would cover an area the size of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, the Virginia’s and North Carolina.



The main point of entry into Greece is Athens, whether coming by plane or cruise ship. Athens has existed since the 6th century BC. In the main picture of this post shows you the city with the Acropolis looking out over it. This is the main thing that we think of about Athens, but there is much more to do there. The Acropolis is actually made of several buildings, including the Parthenon, the Erechtheum, the Temple of Athena, and the Propylea. Athens also has an Archaeological Museum. 


Mykonos is in the Cyclades island group, just southeast of Athens. The island is known for its nightlife, but it also has a rural side, known for its windmills as seen here. The capital city on the island is Chlora, and is full of churches and museums to visit.


Also located in the Cyclades island group is Santorini. This is probably the place that always comes to mind when you think of Greece, with the trademark white buildings and blue roofs. 

Santorini is actually made up of 4 islands, and has an active volcano. The area is well known for its food and picturesque views. But what you may not know is that the area has been inhabited for over 4,000 years! In fact, there is an archaeological site on the island of Thira that includes buildings and objects that were buried in volcanic ash.


Located east of Mykonos in the Dodacanese island group is Patmos. In fact, this region is closer to Turkey than it is to the Greek mainland. 

The main significance of Patmos is its religious significance. It is on Patmos that John the Evangelist wrote the Book of Revelation. 


Coming back to the mainland, is the town of Monemvasia, on the Peloponnese Peninsula. The town is on a piece of land that is connected to the mainland by a small bridge. The area was originally established by the Byzantines in the 6th century.

The Peloponnese Peninsula

Aside from Monemvasia, the Peloponnese Peninsula includes several other must-see places. These include the city of Nafplio, that includes the archaeological site of Mycenae. Also on the peninsula is the Olympia, the birthplace of the modern Olympic Games.

Getting There and Getting Around

The best way to get to Greece is either by plane or cruise ship. In fact, my recommendation to see Greece is to consider a cruise or escorted tour. Getting to the islands is done either by plane, ferry, or small ship, and hotels on the islands can fill up fast. 

Ready to Go?

Contact me, so that we can determine the best way for you to see this area.



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